Harassed at T-Mobile? We can help.

Angela Agganis worked for T-Mobile US at a call center in Maine as a customer service representative for nearly eight years – until the day she went to Human Resources to complain about sexual harassment.

When Angela told T-Mobile’s management that her supervisor was inappropriately touching her and making her feel uncomfortable, the company’s response was shocking: they told her to return to work for the same supervisor – and they made her sign a non-disclosure agreement and threatened her with discipline if she discussed the matter with her co-workers. Rather than being silenced, isolated, and subjected to harassment, Angela resigned.

She contacted her union, TU. Together they went to the labor board, and T Mobile was found guilty of violating her rights -- now we have to hold them accountable, so they can't try to silence workers and sweep sexual harassment under the rug again.

Have you been a victim of harassment at T-Mobile? Tell us your story below.

T-Mobile - Sexual Harassment
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1. Do you or did you have a similar experience at T-Mobile? Tell us your story and help us change T-Mobile’s illegal policy of silencing workers