Give T-Mobile Workers Their Holidays Back!

T-Mobile has always prided itself on taking work-life balance seriously--but now the company is poised to force customer representatives in some locations to work on Christmas Day.

All T-Mobile workers want for Christmas is to be able to spend this special time with their families and loved ones, like most families across America.

But it's not too late to do something about it. Please stand with us by signing and sharing this petition asking CEO John Legere to make work on Christmas day voluntary everywhere.

Last year, T-Mobile had to change mandatory work to voluntary work everywhere after thousands of people signed our petition. This clearly shows that our actions make a difference! Please help us to change this family-unfriendly policy once again.

Click here to sign and share this petition to help us deliver a message: make work on Christmas Day voluntary everywhere, not mandatory anywhere!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Christmas Day