The T-Mobile Campaign in the News


Aggressive sales goals pressure T-Mobile workers to sell unwanted services, labor group alleges
Jonnelle Marte and Brian Fung, Washington Post, 12/16/2016

Unhappy at work? It’s your right, labor board says
Marie Baca, Albuquerque Journal, 8/3/2016

What Makes People Feel Upbeat at Work
 Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker, 7/30/2016

Union to open field office in T-Mobile organizing drive
Dan Voorhis, Wichita Eagle, 7/22/2016

It's official: employers can't force you to be happy. Hallelujah
David Ferguson, The Guardian, 5/13/2016

Don't Do Drugs, Do Be Sad
Stephen Colbert, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 5/11/2016

Officially, Your Employer Can’t Force You To Be Happy At Work
Shane Ferro, Huffington Post, 5/6/2016

Union says it is making progress in unionizing Wichita T-Mobile call center
Dan Voorhis, Wichita Eagle, 5/5/2016

T-Mobile Accused of Fighting a Real Union by Creating a Fake One
Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/28/2016

As T-Mobile Rises, Questions Emerge Over Treatment of Workers, Consumers
Steven Greenhouse, Huffington Post, 2/23/2016

Can the German Gov. Get T-Mobile To Change Its Harassment Policy?
Michael Arria, Truthout, 1/9/2016

T-Mobile's Working Conditions Under Scrutiny
Zacks Equity Research, 1/8/2016

Deutsche Telekom under scrutiny over working conditions at T-Mobile
Harro Ten Wold & Malathi Nayak, Reuters, 1/7/2016


T-Mobile Employee Sues Over Sexual Harassment
Jeannie Yandel and Matt Martin,, 11/30/2015

After Employee Complained Of Sexual Harassment, T-Mobile Told Her To Keep It Quiet
Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress, 11/19/2015

HRC Corporate Index Blasted By LGBT Labor  
Christiana Lilly, South Florida Gay News, 11/12/2015

Fast Food Strikes Hit Cities Throughout The Country
Dave Jamieson, Huffington Post, 11/10/2015

For Sexually Harassed Employees, T-Mobile Has Terrible Service
Sarah Jaffe, Dame Magazine, 10/23/2015

Alleging sexual harassment, Waterville woman sues T-Mobile
Peter McGuire, Portland Press Herals, 10/16/2015

Former Oakland T-Mobile Worker to File Sexual Harassment Suit
Patty Wight, NPR, 10/06/2015

T-Mobile Workers Say the Company Has Repeatedly Engaged in Union-busting
Michael Arria, In These Times, 10/01/2015

Can we talk? NLRB finds T-Mobile violated labor laws by preventing workers from talking about sexual harassment
Jeff Young, Portland Press Herald, 8/17/2015

Labor board finds fault in confidentiality rule at Maine T-Mobile facility
Darren Fishell, Bangor Daily News, 8/06/2015

Judge rules that T-Mobile in Oakland violated US labor laws
Peter McGuire, Morning Sentinel, 8/06/2015

Dems press T-Mobile on labor issues 
 David McCabe, The Hill, 08/03/15

Unions’ New Target For Improving T-Mobile: The German Government
Cora Lewis, Buzzfeed, 7/20/2015

T-Mobile Ditches Policy That Could Punish Staff Requesting Too Much Sick Leave
Cora Lewis, Buzzfeed, 6/19/2015

T-Mobile Policy Violated Labor Law, Judge Rules
Noam Scheiber, New York Times, 3/19/2015

U.S. labor board says some T-Mobile policies are illegal
Malathi Nayak, Reuters, 3/19/2015  

It’s illegal to prevent workers from talking about wages. T-Mobile did it anyway.
Lydia DePillis, Washington Post, 3/19/2015

T-Mobile violated US labor laws, agency judge rules
Roger Cheng, C-Net, 3/19/2015.


Study: Most Corporate “Best-Of” Awards Pretty Much As Meaningless As You Thought
Kate Cox,, 09/18/2014

T-Mobile accidentally posts definition of 'raping' on its site in wake of CEO Legere's comment
Rachel Lerman,, 06/30/2014

What is this Communication Company Trying to Prevent Its Employees From Communicating? 
Matt Orr, Upworthy, 06/29/2014

T-Mobile Employees Speak Out Against CEO's 'raping' remark
Todd Bishop, Geekwire, 06/27/2014

T-Mobile Employees Speak Out and Call CEO's Recent Rape Comments 'Violent' and 'Traumatizing'
Steve Kovach, Businessinsider, 06/27/2014

Labor activists to protest T-Mobile shareholder meeting
Tim Devaney, The Hill, 6/04/2014

Angry union activists go after.... Macklemore?
Rob Price,, 05/23/2014  

Labor rights activists protest T-Mobile with site
Taylor Soper,, 05/22/2014

Even union activists think Macklemore sucks
Kwame Opam, The Verge, 05/21/2014

T-Mobile Manager Sought To Ban High-Fives For Pro-Union Workers 
Jacob Fischler, Buzzfeed, 04/08/2014


Highlights of Earlier Coverage

Union Building the Slow Way at T-Mobile
Thomas Gryta, Wall Street Journal, 09/25/2013

T-Mobile Allegedly Forced Pregnant Woman To Clock Out To Use The Bathroom
Hunter Stuart, The Huffington Post, 05/01/2013

T-Mobile workers to get training assistance
Spencer Soper, The Morning Call, 07/17/2013

Why German Labor is treated better than American labor
TV: Thom Hartman Show, 02/20/2012

“Brutal Psychological Terror”. Taking on Employee Intimidation at T-Mobile USA
Frank Dohmen, Der Spiegel, 11/22/2012

German TV Show Monitor about Union Busting at T-Mobile USA, aired 9/15/2011 
Monitor, 09/15/2011

Organized Labor Hopes Attacks by Some States Help Nurture Comeback
Steven Greenhouse, The New York Times 03/06/2011

Globalization, Union-Style
Louis Uchitelle, American Prospect, December 2010