Press Releases


T-Mobile Workers Open First Union Field Office
July 25, 2016:  Today T-Mobile Workers United (TU) opened its first field office to the support the growing momentum and energy of the union’s organizing campaign at T-Mobile US and MetroPCS. 

T-Mobile Found Guilty - Again!
July 7, 2016: Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) once again found T-Mobile guilty of violating workers’ rights. An NLRB administrative law judge ruled that T-Mobile’s call center in Wichita, Kan., unlawfully stifled inter-employee communications, coercively interrogated workers, isolated union sympathizers and put its workforce under surveillance. 

TU Activist to Deutsche Telekom: ‘Please Support Our Call for Respect’
May 26, 2016: Angela Melvin, a T-Mobile US call center worker from Wichita, Kan., and a leader in the new TU-CWA Local 6547, urged Deutsche Telekom shareholders to crack down on its American subsidiary's flagrant disrespect for U.S. labor law.

T-Mobile Can’t Force Workers to Be Happy at Work 
May 19, 2016: Another big win at T-Mobile US! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that two more rules in T-Mobile's employee handbook are illegal: a prohibition on recordings in the workplace and forcing employees to maintain a "positive work environment."

Businessweek Unmasks T-Mobile's Sham Union
April 28, 2016: Bloomberg Businessweek just exposed T-Mobile's attempt to fight a real union by creating a fake one.In a sign of management's desperation to stop TU, T-Mobile launched its own company union called "T-Voice" in 2015. This copycat organization was "chartered" to be the employees' "voice" and address "pain points." 

Reuters: Deutsche Telekom Under Scrutiny Over Working Conditions at T-Mobile US 
January 14, 2016: Two major investors in Deutsche Telekom, the German parent company of T-Mobile US, have expressed grave concerns about the mistreatment of the telecommunication giant's American workforce, Reuters reports.


T-Mobile: Stop Muzzling Workers
Nov 18, 2015: Local union members, workers’ rights activists and community allies rallied outside of T-Mobile’s corporate headquarters to deliver 15,000-signature petitions urging the company to stop silencing women who speak out against sexual harassment. 

T-Mobile policy tries to silence woman about sexual harassment, but she and other women fight back 
Oct 8, 2015: CWA Local 1400 members came out to show support for Angela Agganis, a former T-Mobile customer service representative who worked more than eight years at the First Park call center in Oakland, ME, at a news conference on Tuesday.

Public pressure pushes T-Mobile us to provide fairer paid parental leave policy
Jul 9, 2015: Responding to growing public pressure and local government initiatives, T-Mobile US announced last week that it would adopt a paid parental leave program. 

Workers successfully pressure T-Mobile to adopt fairer work scheduling 
Jun 18, 2015: In a significant policy change following weeks of public pressure, T-Mobile US said it will change the way it sets work schedules for thousands of call center workers nationwide.

T-Mobile worker urges Deutsche Telekom shareholders to protect workers' rights 
May 21, 2015: Cologne, Germany – Carolina Figueroa, a T-Mobile US call center worker in Albuquerque, N.M., urged Deutsche Telekom shareholders today to stop worker harassment by management at its U.S. subsidiary, T-Mobile, and respect workers’ rights to organize.

Union petitions German parliament to enforce workers’ rights at T-Mobile
Apr 30, 2015: This week, Germany's biggest union submitted a petition to the Bundestag (Parliament), urging lawmakers to use the government's shareholder power to pressure Deutsche Telekom into enforcing international labor standards at its U.S. subsidiary, T-Mobile US.

Judge finds T-Mobile guilty of maintaining illegal corporate policies against workers across the U.S.
Mar 19, 2015: A judge at the National Labor Relations Board has found T-Mobile US guilty of engaging in nationwide labor law violations against workers. 


New Research from UMass Amherst Sociologists Questions Legitimacy of Corporate Ratings and ‘Best-Of’ Lists  
Sept 11, 2014: AMHERST, Mass. – New research published by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Labor Center raises questions about the legitimacy of popular corporate ratings systems and industry “best-of” lists.

T-Mobile Women to CEO: rape isn’t funny
Jul 3, 2014: Five brave women, who work at T-Mobile's call center in Albuquerque, N.M., are standing up to tell their CEO that rape is no laughing matter. 

T-Mobile investigated for cheating customers
Jul 3, 2014: CWA and TU members at T-Mobile US weren't surprised at the news this week that T-Mobile US is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for cheating wireless customers and pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars.

CWA: Shame on Deutsche Telekom
Jun 6, 2014: Company refused to support human rights proposal at T-Mobile that it follows in its European operations

In Berlin: ver.di members, international union activists protest at Deutsche Telekom
May 22, 2014: German giant Deutsche Telekom got a big surprise this week when over a thousand international trade unionists and activists from the German union ver.di, employees of DT, rallied outside its Berlin offices to protest the virulent anti-labor practices of its U.S. subsidiary T-Mobile US.

T-Mobile settles NLRB complaint
May 8, 2014: A settlement was reached this week between the National Labor Relations Board, T-Mobile US, CWA and two T-Mobile workers from Wichita, KS.

NLRB moves forward on consolidated complaints against T-Mobile US
May 8, 2014: Why did T-Mobile management agree to a settlement of unfair labor practice complaints in Wichita?

NLRB Takes 'Extraordinary Action' to Consolidate Complaints Against T-Mobile US
April 8, 2014: In an extraordinary decision, the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board has moved to consolidate recent unfair labor practice complaints that have been brought against T-Mobile US.