What's Wrong with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile employees work as customer service or sales representatives in call centers and retail stores or as technicians maintaining the network. They are faced with high amounts of stress, unreasonable sales expectations, and arbitrary management decisions. Many workers suffer from exhaustion and anxiety disorders due to the stressful work environment at T-Mobile US. Too many workers are fired because they don’t meet arbitrary standards.

T-Mobile US actively fights workers who are joining together for a voice at work and improving conditions at their workplace. T-Mobile US's anti-union campaign has been brutal: workers who express interest in organizing are harassed and intimidated, management distributes memos and manuals on how to stop organizing efforts, and security guards are ordered to spy on workers who take leaflets from union organizers. 

T-Mobile breaks the law. The National Labor Relations Board has repeatedly warned T-Mobile US for its behavior and found the company guilty for breaking US labor law on 11 accounts in a landmark decision in March 2015.

In August, a second judge found that, at T-Mobile call centers in the U.S. states of Maine and South Carolina, employees complaining to T-Mobile of sexual harassment were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prohibited them from discussing their experiences with anyone other than T-Mobile officials or lawyers while the complaints were under internal investigation.  The judge ordered T-Mobile to abandon its reliance on non-disclosure agreements in these circumstances and to notify workers of this change of policy and of their rights to communicate with each other.